Unexpected problem when adding photo library



I'm brand new to Plex. I've running the Plex Server plug-in on FreeNAS. Adding videos was a snap and everything has worked as expected, but now I've attempted to add a photo library and I'm stopped by the following message:
"There was an unexpected error loading this library
Please visit our forums if you continue to experience problems"

I have searched through the forums, but have not found anything yet that is helpful. The plug-in is the latest available ( The library has a few jpeg images in it just to get started.

Any help or pointers will be appreciated.


I figured out the problem.

Since I’m knew at both FreeNAS and PLEX, I forgot that I had only added my /media/Video folder to the jail. It wasn’t enough for me to just create a /media/Photos folder and point the Photos library to it. I needed to add this folder to my jail. Once I did that, my Photos worked as expected.

I’m a very happy camper!