Unsure if I am able to transcode at all with this NAS and if not how can I make things work.



I have a seagate NAS setup on a home network, streaming wirelessly to Amazon Fire TV stick. It appears that the Seagate is unlikely to be able to do any transcoding, maybe none at all, I don't really know how to tell. So I am having the 'not powerful enough' error. Is there something in particular causing this that I can work around? I can't find a pattern to the files that give this error and the files that don't. Also, I have trouble with subtitles. Are subtitles something that is always going to require transcoding? Is there a route that will work best? My head is spinning.


Good place to start -
It also links to a NAS compatibility list that shows what some capabilities of some NAS models and chipsets of NAS models can do (which, overall, isn’t much)

If some of the stuff you watch works, but others don’t, then the working content is able to be direct played.
I’m not sure if the Fire TV stick understands subtitles, but, I believe many devices require the subs to be transcoded into the video stream.


So I think maybe 1080p may be too much. So far I’m having mostly ok luck with 720p and even subtitles. I set preferences to always enable instead of choosing the option during playback. But then I ran into another problem with a 720 that won’t play. it doesn’t have any different file type or codec or bitrate that hasn’t worked for other files.

I found this about the NAS I have, ‘Transcoding is not supported on ARMv7 only remuxing’. So I am attempting to learn what that means.


Though the article is meant for a totally different subject, it describes transcode vs remux quite well.

Remuxing, in our context, refers to the process of changing the “container” format used for a given file. For example from MP4 to MKV or from AVI to MKV. It also allows adding or removing of content streams as needed. Remuxing differs from Transcoding in that remuxing a file simply repackages the existing streams while transcoding actually creates new ones from a source.

Video files are containers, that are made of many parts, video streams (VC9,VC8, h.264, h.265), various audio streams (ac3, aac, aac-lc, and even all those vary by channels available), and image/text streams (chapters/subtitles).
If your Fire Stick can’t play a certain container, but the parts inside the container can direct play, then it must be remuxed.
If one of the parts inside the container can’t be direct played, it must be trancoded.


Thank you for responses and help. I’m afraid this is all over my head. I’m really struggling to get things to work and now Plex isn’t even recognizing my personal cloud server so I can’t even get to the files with it.