Unwatched "Watch Later" Videos Missing From PMP Home



One of my most used and beloved features was removed in this preview. I often use the "Watch Later" bookmarklet and email address to send youtube videos and other videos to watch on my big screen later. I could easily see my queue and watch the unwatched one by scrolling to the right on the home screen. Now, I have to go INTO the Watch Later page, and there is no way to filter by unwatched or any other way. Can you please restore the ability to keep the Unwatched "Watch Later" videos onto the PMP Home screen?


Was this feature removed intentionally?


I hope not. Being able to have the unwatched queue items on the PMP home screen was a terribly useful feature.


Will anyone from the Plex team chime in here?


Should I assume this feature is not coming back?


@vlang can you comment on this?


@mmccurdy can you comment on this?


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Please, can anybody answer why this feature was removed, and if it is coming back in a future build?


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