Update Plex Server under Thecus OS 7



Every time I update the Plex server, I have to configure all the settings including the libraries again.
Earlier in OS 5 it used to be easier. Since an update has not overwritten everything.
Am I doing the update in this OS incorrectly maybe?


I Think there are nothing to do wrong to update Plex… just choose the file from plex.tv download page an press Install.

But, i think there are an issue with OS7, because there are an really old “bug” in Plex for Thecus. Problem, the Database are inside the Modul.

You can test this 3rd Party app please: http://forum.thecus.com/showthread.php?tid=12812

But you must start “Clean”


Thank you for your answer. Okay, I did nothing wrong but it´s not comfortable to
have to create new libraries after every update :frowning: