Updated Media Server required for Alexa, but setting say up to date



I get a message from Alexa that I have to update my server. Yet when I try to update, i get a notice that it is up to date. I have version The support page for Alexa says I need 1.5.1 - how do I update?


when you access https://app.plex.tv/desktop and go to Settings > Server... does it really show version 1.4.2? That appears to be quite out-dated (1.4.2 was released in February last year; by now we're at 1.11/1.12).

If the server doesn't allow auto-updates for your OS it should still offer you a banner stating it is out-dated allowing you to download the latest version (either public or beta depending on your configuration). otherwise you can download the latest versions here https://www.plex.tv/downloads/