Updated to Plex 1.10 and can't manage the server



I had to update to the latest freenas version of plex (1.10), as the latest android app was broken with the version I had installed.
After updating, I could play/cast with the android app, but now I can't manage my server via the web interface.
I begrudgingly signed up because that's all that the interface would do, and after that it "couldn't find the server" even though I was using the interface on the server, and the android app works with it.
How can I fix this? I've had the android app for years and everything was working great. I don't have a use case that requires plex pass and now I have pop ups asking me to subscribe.


Apparently, you need to use the IP to hit the server after the update. I have internal dns that I’ve been using forever to access the web UI.
Request came in with unrecognized domain / IP ‘’ in header Host; treating as non-local.
Finally got into the UI again.