Upgrading Plex Media Server on TerraMaster (TOS OS)



I'm using the TOS 3.0.32 version of the OS on a TerraMaster F2-220 .
Over the last 8 months, each time I 'upgrade/update' Plex Media Server using the 'Update' button in the application page in TOS, I lose all my Plex configuration settings and need to configure my plex folders and libraries and redownload all the meta data from the internet after an update.

Is there an option to backup my config settings etc, so plex just 'upgrades' the existing version?



Hello from germany....I have the same problem with the terramaster. A new update is available in the TOS for PMS, but i will not try the button to update.......i won't set up the whole PMS once again :-(

Can anyone help?