USA Channel



I downloaded Plex so that I could watch Suits on USA. It's not working so I want to unsub.


@seabrax -
See cancelling subscription about half way down the page.
On a totally side note - I'm sure I and many others would be interested in knowing what led you to believe you'd be able to pick up DRM cable channels using Plex (legitimately).
The only way I could imagine getting cable channels is if you had an HDHomeRun tuner that allowed for cable cards. (Prime maybe? I don't know all the models)
Now, that being said, if one studies the unsupported channels for Plex, there are many unsupported methods, 99% being illegitimate means according to USA channel TOS.


Also, as shown on the Features page of the website, online channel plugins are free to all users and do not require a Plex Pass membership.

Plex channel plugins are created, maintained and supported by a community of volunteer developers and provide a "Plex friendly" interface for accessing existing online content offered by a website. Also see "Where do I find Plex channel plugins to watch Live TV, movies or TV Shows?" in the Frequently Asked Questions for Channel Plugins thread pinned to the top of the Channel Plugin section of the forum.