Use Drobo to backup NAS?



Hi all,

I've recently upgraded to a QNAP TVS-473 NAS which I'm using primarily for Plex but I also store other my other data on it. I now have a spare Drobo S which I was hoping to repurpose as my primary backup but I can't connect direct to the NAS because it needs the Drobo dashboard to work properly.

Would it be possible to backup up my NAS using Timemachine on my Mini? The Drobo is connected by USB3 to my Mini, while both my NAS and Mini are connected to the same router by Ethernet?

Thanks in advance


Why can't you plug the Drobo into the USB3 port of the QNAP?
I can do that with my Synology!

And yes plugging it into your mini should also work!!
Why haven't you tried that?

What did you have previously - the mini was the PMS and the drobo was your storage?


Mini was PMS, external HDDs used to store all my media / data, and Drobo was used as primary backup using Time Machine.

There's nothing stopping me from connecting the Drobo directly to the NAS but it needs Drobo Dashboard to operate, which is native to Mac only.