Use PMS as a video source in kodi



Hi everyone!
I have a pretty vast video library in PMS, but also a lot of TV Series and the kids movies that I converted from bluray discs to to ISOs. I would really like to keep them as is, so my intention is to use the Plex media as just another source a long with the folders containing my converted ISO stuff (since ISO is a no-go for Plex). This way I can mix all my media.
I have experimented with "Plex for Kodi" and "PleXBMC", but it seems that they only come up as Plex apps that I need to enter (and lose the connection to my ISO-stuff).
UPnP does really work either...

Any ideas?


I think the add-on you want is “Pkex Kodi connect” or something like that. I have tried it and it works but I did not like it enough to use it for long. It will “import” your Plex library into Kodi so you can use the Kodi interface just like you had imported the movies directly into Kodi.


He won’t be able to import the ISO’s, since Plex doesn’t support it.

And PlexKodiConnect will replace his local library, so he won’t be able to have both Plex Media and local Kodi media side by side.