Using 2 computers to host 1 server?



I have my main media computer hosting my server. I am running a little low on hard drive space for TV shows. What i would like to do is take an old 775 board thats collecting dust throw a few hard drives i have laying around together and make, basically, a nas. Can i point my main computer to the 775 and host those files on the main server?


Yeah you can build a NAS and host files with SMB share and add that to plex.


That's what I am basically doing at the moment, I have an old core 2 duo which was originally my plex server running Windows 10, with 2 2tb drives in there, and then I have a core i5 laptop running Windows 10 and the latest hardware transcoding plex server preview, with my 2 2tb drives mapped using the standard windows drive mapping, all of this is connected over a gigabit LAN, one advantages I have found with this is I can download/rip/convert/optimise files on the "Nas", without affecting current streaming performance.