Using a VPN with Plex



I'm running a VPN on my PC where all my plex files are stored. If I cast to or from my Phone (which is not VPN connected) will my ISP be able to see what I'm doing. I can connect my phone to my VPN but then it won't allow me to cast from my Phone to Plex Media Player on my PC (I like to browse Plex on my phone, pick a movie, and then cast it to my PC (connected to my TV). I find this easier then using the Plex remote control. However, as I said if my phone is connected to the VPN it doesn't work. So can my ISP see the files I'm streaming to my phone if it's not connected to a VPN (but my pc where the files are stored on is). Thanks for any help.


Anyone have any info on the above question? Much appreciated. Thanks.


Well I got Plex to play nice with ExpressVPN all around.