Using Plex HT or Open PlexHT on Hybrid Desk Station (HDMI) w/No Internet



I have my QNAP TS-253A all set up. I purchased it to use in my RV, and access my media library through the HDMI Out. It work fine at home when I have internet access, but when I put it in the RV, I can't connect via Plex HT or Open Plex HT. I tried the fix from ( and with that I can access the media server using my phone through the wif, as the plex is plugged into a Ubiqutit airMaxx Router..

I also tried to enter the ip of the Qnap in the setting of the HT, but I think it is trying to authenticate my user and password via internet. Any way to bypass this ?

Also when I connect to the server on my laptop using the wifi, I can't load the Media Server Application I get the error that I am not connected to the internet.

Appreciate any assistance. Basically want to use Plex on my TV connected to the NAS Server via HDMI, and use the Home Theatre App i have installed on my Hybrid Desk Station, but have no access to internet.



I should add that the kodi app works, as well as the other players that come with the Hybrid Desk Station. I just would prefer to use the Plex app only.


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Not sure why or how, but tried the setup in the RV, and Open Plex HT worked fine, even with no internet connection.