Using the PlexTest channel



In addition to the official Plex for Roku channel, we have another channel, PlexTest, that's used sort of like a beta. The goal is for the official channel to always be more stable than PlexTest, but since PlexTest is a private channel and the official channel is a public channel, we can update PlexTest immediately whereas the official channel is submitted to Roku and reviewed before it is published. This means that occasionally when critical issues are discovered in the official channel, they are fixed in PlexTest before the fixes make it to the official channel.

If you'd like to use PlexTest, either to help us test the latest features or because you're running into an issue with the official channel, you can install it by going to


PlexTest is primarily available to [PlexPass]( subscribers, since getting a early access to new releases is one of the great PlexPass perks. Non-PlexPass users will only have limited access.