Video orientation issues in Plex for Roku 4



Hi, I have a few .mov files that I shot with my iPhone that played upside down originally. I opened them with both Quicktime and VLC and was able to rotate them to the correct orientation. Now when I play the home videos from my Plex Media Server (1.7.5) on Plex Home Theater (1.4.1) the files play correctly. They also play correctly on the Plex Web App (3.11.0). The only player that continues to play the files upside down is the Plex app on my Roku 4, which is unfortunate because it's where we enjoy watching the home videos the most because it is connected to my 70" Vizio in the living room. Is there a fix for the Roku 4 Plex app to play these files in the correct orientation?


Following, same with Roku 3


Following, same issue with the new 4K Roku Streaming stick. :confused:


I have to add to this issue. I have a Roku Premiere+ and I have the exact same issue. Playing back on the PC via the Plex Web player is fine. Orientation is correct. Playing back via the Roku Plex app and I am looking at every portrait video taken by my wife (I know, I know…I keep telling her to go landscape) is 90 degrees rotated to the left.

Very annoying. When will we get a fix, Plex!!


I have the exact same issue with my Roku Ultra + Plex + some iPhone 8 HEVC videos (all landscape orientation). The videos play OK if they are transcoded or played on a PC with VLC (or any player software). But, if the videos are played with the Roku, it’s upside down. If I film the landscape video with my iPhone with the home button to the right, the video plays correctly on the Roku. If I film with the video with the home button to the left, it’s upside down in the Roku.

I’d love to be able to film it “correctly” at all times, but I use a gimbal to stabilize the videos and sometimes need to flip the phone.

Please fix!