Video pauses - timeout



Hello and and thank you in advance- I have Google DaydreamVR with Galaxy s9 phone and the PlexVR app loaded in it. My content is located on my NAS server and my phone is connected to my network via wifi. My Plex media server is running on Freenas with the latest Plexpass version. I should also add that I have no playback issues when playing movies on my wifi connected roku's, laptop or my wired PC.

I'm noticing continual playback pauses and occasionally this also includes the TIMEOUT message displayed on the screen, it worked without issue for 2- weeks - now it it happens after 10-15 minutes. I can restart the movie where I left off but playback seems to only last 5 / 10 minutes before another interruption. Anyone any ideas why this keeps happening and what I might try to resolve the issue. I'd rather not have to copy the movie to my phone.