Video playback from DVR problems



With a Amazon FireTV/Alexa latest version and the current Plex player there is horizontal tearing of video on edges.

Plex server on MAC pro with dual Xeon and 32gb ram, HD homerun Extend

When played back on a Samsung Smart tv Plex app the problem is not there, only when played on the Firestick


updated the firmware on the HDHomeRun Extend to the latest.
In plex changed the transcoder quality on the HDHomeRun Extend to "High quality (30fps limit).

This changed the quality on the Amazon FireTV to very good, but another problem came back.

Randomly but not on all recordings, you will get a part of the recording (usually about half of the way through) when the video and audio starts to repeat in small loops. It will play through but very hard to watch.


I have the same problem with the “repeat loops”. Windows 10 is my Plex DVR server, set on High Quality 30 fps, which has a wired connection to the HDHomerun extend (firmware 20170815, default mobile transcode profile). I have a very strong OTA connection to the TV station.

It appears to be a problem with the recording not the playback client. I’ve watched the recordings on iOS, Xbox One S, and ChromeOS Plex Webapp and even watched the .TS file on VLC. The Xbox and VLC each do the repeat looping you describe. Unwatchable. The iOS and ChromeOS don’t really loop, but flicker at the points where the Xbox and VLC start the loops. Annoying, but watchable.

I’m guessing you are on 20180110 (the latest as of today, and the date you posted). Sometimes the recording recovers and the looping stops. But other times it seems to corrupt the rest of the recording. It seems to be recordings longer than an hour, but I don’t know that for sure.