Video Playback with Google Assistant



Hi There,

(this is for the developers)

I just stumbled about this blog, and, well, you probably already might know about this...

Anyway, this seems to be a small guide to integrate Google Assistant.
And since there still some lack of features with Plex and Google Assistant (and probably Google Home as well), this might be helpfull.


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+1 for this. Awesome idea! Plex you must do this!


Asking for content from Assistant will find it in Plex (if available) and present it with other sources - that means Plex's catalog is already searchable. Selecting the Plex result and then making subsequent searches will automatically pop directly to Plex for the results.

This works for VIDEO only at the moment if you use the keyword "play." No support for music it seems, with Assistant saying that it needs to be set up with a default music provider.

BUT... If you're IN Plex and you search for an artist simply by saying their name, then instruct Google that you want the Plex result, it should make that decision sticky, allowing you to simply say the name of any other artist in the future, pulling results directly from Plex - you might need to say "show THEARTISTNAME in Plex" the first time to get this going.


And what do you know... I post the above this morning and now it's no longer working. No Plex results appearing in Assistant searches at all. This had been working since I got the Shield and enabled Assistant a couple of weeks ago.

Super strange.

At the same time, I noticed that pressing directions on the remote would no longer allow repeating (scrolling) on long-press.

Even stranger.

After a restart of the box, scrolling behavior was back to normal but still no Plex results in search. So off to Settings, then "Google" and finally "Searchable Apps" - Aha! Plex was showing as turned OFF. Which is insanely strange because I had been in this setting screen earlier today and saw that Plex was ON and at the same time I turned ON PBS. Now both were off.

Turning Plex back to ON seems to have resolved the issue - now we wat and see if it turns off again by itself in the future.


I'm so glad i came across this! I was wondering why Plex results were not showing up.... and mine turned off "searchable app" also. Great solution. Thanks @TVPlexHD