Video stop about 4 minutes before and Roku crashes



I think this started with server v1.12. Currently on v1.12.1.4885 running on Synology
All videos (in any format) from the Plex Server stop about 4 minutes before the end.
First sound is lost, then video stops and lastly the Roku crashes and reboots.

With the Web client, it seems to be transcoding lots of videos that it never used to.


This has been happening to me also. Very frustrating. So far though, it’s only happening with some mp4’s I have been watching on a Roku Ultra. Other vids on my other Roku’s have been working fine.


Same exact problem here. This all started after Roku had an update. Anything on plex will stop a few minutes before the end. I also can’t ff or rewind most of my videos.


I am having this exact same issue with 2 different Rokus

Roku TV --> Model 40S305 Software version 8.1.0 Build 4060-08

Roku 1 Sold to me as the 2SE --> Model 2710X Software version 8.1.0 Build 4060-06

I have updated my server to the latest Non Plex pass version.

I have restarted my entire network.

Everything plays fine on any other platform.

This seems to have started after Roku Software update was applied to my devices automatically

Roku wants me to check content from another source (Channel) to see if this is happening there as well.

Has anyone else checked other content?

My PMS is running Version

Operating system is Windows Server Essentials 2016

Please let me know if additional details are needed.


Anyone on the team have any Insight?


My Stand alone player was updated yesterday to a new Roku OS Version 8.1.0 Build 4066-06

This seems to have resolved the issue.

Awaiting an Update for the Roku TV