Viewing photos full screen



I've been a happy and plex loving advocate for quite a while now, but only recently added all my photos to my PMS.

I can browse them just fine using Plex Web, but it seems impossible to view the photos full screen, they always have huuuuuuuge borders with the arrows around them, almost as big as the photo itself.


Here's a sample:


Is this normal behavior?


Nothing? :|



I have the same question/problem, but no solution. Have you found out anything?



Nope, nothing. Can't believe we're the only ones with this problem. If noone uses the pictures function, then the devs might aswell just kill it off completely. As it is now it's just broken.


Hi, i also would like to have this problem solved.

I also connected my image gallery to plex and it would be great to have this pictures displayed in fullscreen mode and not in 50%-view.


The arrows are for you to click so the next picture loads, that is if you don't have it set for the slideshow option.

As far as full screen, I don't know. I use PLEX for all of my picture library's too and have never been able to make them full screen, maybe you should post that in the "vote for new options" or whatever the real name of that thread is, I would like to see that happen too.


There's a fullscreen button as well as the arrows you're mentioning. I'd expect it to do something :P



The problem is that even in fullscreen mode, there are wide black borders. So the picutre is never really fullscreen, indeed, far from it. At least that's the way it is here.



If you download the free Plex Home Theater you could view your pictures in full screen, I just tried it and the pictures are much bigger using that program. I still don't see why PMS won't do it but try Plex Home Theater and you'll be much happier.

There is nothing to click though, you have to get used to using your arrow keys and the enter and escape button to manuver around, not so bad once you get used to it. If you connect it directly to your TV, it is a Plex experience like you've never had before, good luck!


I know PHT, but since I'm using a touch screen to navigate it's not an option. It doesn't play nice with PHT :(


I can't believe this is still a problem. Plex team, can you please fix this. Viewing photos in Plex web app is useless in a tiny window. Full screen view needs to be full screen.


Hello ... I have an issue with this feature, too. The full screen doesn't take up the whole screen.

Is there a way to report this officially? Is there a way to fund someone to change the code?

I'd like to use the plex slideshow feature for a photo frame to cycle randomly through all my photos.


The lack of full fullscreen is to accommodate the side buttons and info/description underneath. We realise this isn't ideal and a future rework of this screen will address this. Sorry, but I don't have any timelines for that!


Dom ... thanks for the explanation. It seems so easy to just add a button to remove that stuff, but I know it isn't. hahaha

There is no way to contribute code to that part, right? Based on this it looks like the web client is off limits:

I appreciate your answer and letting us know it's been noted as a concern.


That's correct, the web client UI is not open source.

I also would love a larger photo view :) So I'm hopeful we'll have one at some point!


+1 for a full screen photo view in the web client


any updates? +1 for this feature!


@belka67 - I'm not sure when it was introduced, but I'm using version 3.2.1 of the Web player, and it's displaying fullscreen photos now. The menu bars disappear after a second or so leaving the photo displayed fullscreen - or at least as large as it can be, preserving the original aspect ratio without cropping.


Fullscreen was fixed when they added the photo timeline on the right.
Of course it's relative to the resolution and exif data of the photo.

Now if they would allow music to continue playing when you open your photos.
You get music or photos, Plex believes it a sin to have both...



@wizzardry you can open plex in multiple tabs / windows at the same time?