Vizio App?



Has anyone gotten Alexa voice control working on Vizio smart TV yet? Alexa ant find my Vizio device. I've got the Plex app running, signed in as primary user, and have logged in and out multiple times.


The Smart TV apps don't currently support Alexa.

Check for a list of supported Plex clients.


Thanks for the clarification! Hope this gets incorporated into the Smart TV app soon, it is really impressive functionality!


Hi all ... I was so excited to see the Alexa Plex integration. Is there a list where I can get notices about SmartTV support and Alexa Skill enhancements?



Significant changes to Alexa will be posted in our release announcement thread.


Crossing my fingers for the same support as this is my main client.


When will this be working? Vizio is the 2nd biggest provider of smart TVs in the US....


No timeline is ever given by Plex.