Vizio E70-E3 Smart Cast and Direct Play Problems



I figured this is the right forum becasue the new Vizio smart cast uses the Chromecast profile.

Ive got a Vizio E70-E3.

I am trying to play 4k videos, HVEC h.265 codec with TrueHD or AC3 audio.

PMS is on a Mac Mini Late 2012 2.5ghz core i5 16gb 1600 DDR3 ram.

When I initially tried to play videos video and audio are great but PMS is converting HVEC to h.264 and the Truehd to aac. Movies would play for about 30-40 minutes then would become choppy and slow.

I installed the attached Chromecast profile I found on the forums and the video is now direct stream. If I select AC3 instead of TrueHD is says the audio is also directstream. But the PMS is still transcoding. Movie will play for 10-15 min then become choppy or freeze. It seems I made it worse even though it says audio and video are direct stream. I assume it is still trying to transcode the container even though the TV should support .mkv

According to this

Additional Direct Play video support:
MKV container with H.264 video encoding

Additional 4K (UHD) Direct Play video support:
MKV container with hvec (H.265) video encoding
10-bit hvec (H.265) video encoding

Additional Direct Play music support:
AAC container with aac audio encoding
AIFF container with pcm_u8 or pcm_sb16e audio encoding
ASF container with wmav2 audio encoding
FLAC container with flac audio encoding
OGG container with vorbis audio encoding
WAV container with pcm_u8 or pcm_sb16e audio encoding

Could I convert to mp4 container and keep h.265? Is there something that can be modified in the profile to keep ot from transcoding the container? Any help would be much appreciated.


So I copied the file to an external drive and it played great. Other than during the Doomsday fight scene it got real choppy. I assume its because theres a lot going on or the IDE HDD was just too slow at that point.

So the TV can def handle the mkv container. Its a bummer that plex tries to transcode it. I cannot find a profile that takes care of that.

I guess its the waiting game for Plex to write a profile for the Chromecast Ultra.

I got a setup until that point I am happy with. I got two of these Sabrent External Lay Flat Docking Station 1 at the TV and 1 at my comp. So I can transfer movies and easily plug them into the TV.