Vizio log in trouble




I have just about given up on the Vizio app and from reading it seems I am not the only one. The issue I am is my app will authorize after linking tv, but will not let me past the pin screen. It will hang then give me a network error and push me to network setup. I have defaulted the TV, changed DNS, even used a second Vizio off remote connected with same results. All other players work fine, fire tv, roku, Android, and windows work remote and direct.

Thanks for any input, even if it just reinforces the ditch Vizio app and use a streaming box.

Not a new set up both Tv's connected fine a few weeks ago.


So oddly enough left tv unplugged from power for awhile. The issues seems to be cleared up. I had done short power resets and software reset neither of those worked.


I am moving away from the Vizo app and going to just use a Roku.