Vizio TV issue



Hi everyone. First off, yes I’m a noob. Hi.

I have a 2016 Vizio D series and I’m using the Plex onboard app. I am streaming Plex via the Internet. I have checked my network, all is well. All the other apps (Netflix, Amazon, etc) work crystal clear no issues.

I was having serious quality issues.

Looking into it, the app was throttling the picture quality to roughly VHS or possibly BetaMax. So I made adjustments to my settings. I left H.264 alone at recommend, but I unchecked direct stream and direct play. The quality jumped considerably.

Current issue is in the middle of playback, sound drops out and video moves at about 1.5x normal speed. Like it’s fast forwarding all on it’s own.

I’m perplexed. Hence, I’m here. Any advice?



Anyone? Admin?


Bump. Still have this issue. Need help please.


Sorry about your problems. Did you get it fixed? I have same series TV and don’t have that issue. Is it the latest version of the Vizio firmware?
I love the idea of Chromecast and being able to control the TV with Google home, but I’ve noticed that even with the latest Vizio firmware the apps are older versions and the menu is clunky at best. Many times it just hangs. Are you having same issues?