Wanting to stream mutiple stream to smart tv with decoding on server



Currently i am running my plex server of an Intel nuc7i7bnk with 16gb of ram and the default dedicated graphicscard.

Streaming (1080P) to my mutiple nvidea shield works whitout any compromise . But i do have some relatives who wants to watch some movies via a chromecast. So my server has to transcode, an you geussed it, that thing isn`t pwerfull enough.

Would an external graphics card via thunderbolt 3 do any good for me with hardware decoding and transcoding on?
ike an thunderbolt 3 x4 1060 or 1070?

Or do i need to find another powerfull server to do the trick?


Intel nuc7i7bnk Intel Core i7-7567U 3.5GHZ / 16gb ram / Intel Iris Plus 650
KPN fiber network 500 mb download / 500 mb upload

Thanks anyone for helping me.


Noticed this post as I was interested in buying the same Nuc you have.

If you have a plex pass for hardware transcoding your default gfx should be able to handle a few 1080p steams no problem as your internet is good. I have a DS418Play which has a J355 Intel celeron with a Intel® HD Graphics 500 gfx which is way less powerful than what you have and does the job. I have tested 3 HW transcodes of decent bitrate HVEC files. It also can transcode 4k well (not that you would want to).

If you don't have plex pass your CPU has a pass mark off around 6500 which by the forums standard would mean around 3 1080P streams without HW transcode. - Need to check this as its from what I have read here.


Should mention the above would depend if you have a lot going on with the NUC e.g using it for more than just a server, youtube, productivity anything with high cpu intensive tasks.