Watch and record channels with no EPG



I would like to be able to watch and record channels that do not have an EPG with Plex PVR. For some reason Ziggo Sport (NL) has no EPG and is thus not showing in Plex. Since it broadcasts Formula One it would be great if you could enable Live viewing at least and develop a way to record based on user provided timed settings.


This is a limitation currently with our DVR feature. This is on all clients, not just Android mobile.


Currently, meaning you’re working on it? I’ll gladly wait for the functionality.


It is something we would like to add, but unfortunately I have no news when/if it will happen.


I have the same problem and even for the same channel. Actually recording F1 races was the reason i tried Plex DVR … but nope!


I think it is what I would also achieve: have the possibility to watch channels even if it does no match with a proper EPG.

In practice, I would like to access the .ts streams (labeled as they appear in the m3u file) even if the channel is not recognized.

Is that now possible? How? Thanks!


What m3u file? The EPG data is not in m3u format.


My question is: is it possible to open video streams (via a m3u file) without having to necessarily match the information (i.e. the channel) to EPG data?


No. Plex does not support opening a m3u stream. There may be a 3rd party plugin that can do it, but it’s not a native Plex ability.


I am using plex dvr now and finally manage to see the channels from my tuner but as mentioned above the channels without EPG dont even show in the list. This is quite annoying as they are quite a few.
Do you have a work around ? What about a fake epg (from another channel?) Can we add other epg sources simultaneously at the same time?
From around 150 channels, only 81 are listed as there is not EPG (local channels, sport, etc…). The 81 channels work perfectly but I am missing a lot of the 69 others…
Thanks in advance for any suggestion.


Yep, this is most annoying. There are many channels in my area that do not carry EPG information and I cannot watch them. It does not make sense to pay Plex Pass for Live TV and have less functionality than other clients, that will happily accept this. I understand that with the previous browsing modes it just did not make sense, but now that you guys have implemented grid view, what’s the big holdup to let users watch a specific channel, EPG or not?


i have to delete my dvr and choose a different zip code every time I want to alter the channels that I can view. I basically get nothing if I use the zip code that I actually live in.
Can I increase the range of the EPG search? I get OTA signals stretching from Tijuana to Los Angeles, even Santa Barbara, but my zip code doesn’t include San Diego channels 30 miles away!