Watch Later videos not playing



None of my Watch Later videos play on my Apple TV. They either sit there with a spinning cursor, or I get a "Couldn't create the playback session for this item. I'm also seeing this behavior on my iPhone 6. This started some time in the past couple weeks.


Just to note, they play fine in the Web App.


Bump. Anyone else seeing this? It's really annoying to have queued videos I can't play.


Still waiting on this to be fixed. I'm guessing it's a server issue?


For what it is worth, it is working fine here, so it is likely a problem on your end.

The only time I've encountered that error, was when my internet was extremely unstable for a short periode.


Hmm, strange, I'm also having trouble with iOS, and the problems are only YouTube. Anyway, thanks for the feedback.


Turns out it WAS my network. Shifted some things around, and now it works :-)