Watch Later with Youtube videos is totally dead



* Plex Media Server:
* Fire TV: (2.11.2)
* Xbox One: 1.8.0
* Roku 2 XS:
* iOS: 4.7
* Plex Web Safari: 2.13.0

I noticed this yesterday but didn't think much of it and went on to watch other non-Watch Later media. Today I tried many of the 30+ (all YouTube) videos in my list and they fail to play on all the above players. Here is one video as an example:

Anyone else having this problem? Any solutions?



Same problem here but not for all youtube channels. VEVO channel is always a problem.


Since latest sever update, my WATCH LATER doesn't work either.



I've noticed the issue is not with all youtube videos. It seems all videos from this channel don't work.

But videos from this channel do


My watch later is not working after the last update as well.


The same happens to me


Problem still exists in Version


This was happening to me as well, and this is how I got it working again:
I always sent the email with NO SUBJECT with the video URL in the body, along with my signature, which also included a url. That no longer works.
Compose your email like this:
Put something, anything in the subject line
Put the video URL in the body of the email, with nothing else. No sigs, nothing.
Bingo. Worked for me. Hopefully it will work for everyone.


So I have to be honest, I kinda gave up on this and am now just using Watch Later in YouTube. Works for me since 99% of my Watch Later stuff comes from YouTube anyway.


Still a problem in 1.4.3. I got a Vimeo video to play though.


I tried it with something in the subject line, as BNL suggests above. Still didn't work. Why would they do a software update that messed this up? Frustrating. Youtube, Dailymotion, etc. NOTHING is working on mine...


Similar thing here, about 2/3rd of my "Watch Later" youTube" videos have no preview Icon/Graphic, and when I try to play them with app or web browser I get a "Media Server no Responding" error.


Has any one seen a fix for this?


@lockrob2000 said:
Has any one seen a fix for this?

Nope, no fix. The problem is that the Watch Later/YouTube service code works perfectly fine, but that certain Plex clients seem to be broken...


Its been an issue for about two weeks now.


Same thing here, Chrome will not play watch later on ANY of my youtube clips saved but will work on Firefox and Safari.
Reset Chrome back to original defaults still nothing, cleared all data still nothing. Plex really needs to address this issue soon. I use chrome for everything and it is a huge pain to switch to a different browser just to watch a video in watch later. I also use the IFTTT applet to auto saved any youtube video's I like.


Same issue, but a little different, IE and Chrome will not play Watch Later but Firefox and Safari can play the videos.
I use Chrome daily here are my spec.
Plexweb = 3.4.1
PMS = 1.61.3722
Chrome = 58.0.3029.81
I load video's video IFTTT applet, but I have also used plexit and emailing the link myself, (by passing IFTTT).


I've got to comment on something sander1 stated-
"Nope, no fix. The problem is that the Watch Later/YouTube service code works perfectly fine, but that certain Plex clients seem to be broken..."
"Certain Plex clients"? What does that even mean? Does that mean certain version numbers? or is it something with the client setup on a person's machine? Or is it something else?
If it means version number, can I roll back and fix it?
Is this something Plex is looking into?


Last working version I could find was 1.4.4 (Seems it doesnt work for everyone but I have no problems with it) which implies that "something" was changed server side at that point. You can roll back to it and it will work again.


@lockrob2000 said:
"Certain Plex clients"? What does that even mean?

It means that Watch Later works (at least for me at this moment) on Plex for iOS or Plex Media Player, but not on Plex/Web or Plex for Android. In all my testing it doesn't seem to be an issue on the server side or on the Watch Later side (the part of Plex that stores your Watch Later queue and retrieves the metadata for those items online).