"watched" status not being synced back to server when watching offline



For more the a year this has been happening, was posted to the beta forum but nothing was ever done. Does anyone else have this problem? I have upgraded phones and iPads, installed and reinstalled the IOS app. Have completely redid my server from scratch with new OS and server install, and still no syncing of watched status.

Server version:
OS: MacOS 10.13.1
Clients, w/ versions, if applicable: IOS build 4.20 12070

What you did? Watch a show off line on IOS (iPad or iPhone)

What happened? Was not marked watched on the server

What you expected? To have episode mark watched on the server

I sync unwatched, on deck so I always have the latest on my wifi only iPad. If I halfway watch a episode while out and then come back home, the watch status of the halfway watched show syncs to the server once on wifi, all well and good.
The problem is that if I finish a episode outside then come back home to wifi the "watched" status does not sync back to the server. Because of this the episode does not get removed and the next one synced over. I have to manually on plexweb have to mark "watched" for this to happen.

Is there something I am missing?


Are you… watching anything on network before turning on/waking the iPad? Perhaps it’s favoring the watched status database that’s been updated most recently?


Nope, new episodes not watched anywhere else.


I am (was) experiencing this too, though haven’t tried since around November.

Previously used Plex a lot to watch TV shows offline (train journeys) which worked well and including watched status syncing, then had around a year off, then when trying again found this watched status wasn’t syncing (also impacting the syncing of new content when set to only sync a certain number of unwatched items. again this previously worked well).

Will try again when back to work in the New Year.


don’t hold your breath, its been over a year for this not working.


Yeah, it’s completely unreliable when watching something offline. I always assume it will not sync watched status and I’m usually right.


I came here looking for a solution to this. I guess I’m out of luck. =( I’m having the same problem on an Android tablet.


My solution is to put the device offline when watching synced content, then when I get home and put it online again it syncs fine.
Its a bit of a pain though.


There is no comment from Plex about this after 4 months? I am having the same problem and it is damned annoying.


4 months? Its been over a year and a half!