Watched status persistently changes back to Unwatched for some episodes



Certain episodes of certain shows (always the same episodes of the same shows) will not retain their Watched status no matter what I do. I've marked them individually, by Season and by Show and nothing works. I mark the episode Watched, click to a different screen (even within the Plex app) and when I go back to On Deck the episode is once again marked as Unwatched. The problem persists across reboots of the server and restarts of the app. This looks very much like a database problem. Do I need to rebuild the database completely? Would this mean losing the genuine status of all my content? Is there a database checker I could use, or a way to manually edit the database to correct these errors?

Using server version under Fedora 27. Usual client is an Amazon Fire Stick (2nd gen) but the same occurs with the web client.


Yes I am getting the same across all platforms


This is typically always related to a misconfiguration or bug of the plugin. Do you use or something similar?