Watched status update is not synced reliably



Hi I was travelling recently and noticed an odd bug that affects the watched status of the files I have.

I'm running win 10 64 bit with the Plex App with a PMS Windows

Now what I did is I synced a load of content onto the laptop and went on my travels.
I watched my stuff as I usually would, but noticed that even if I watched some shows completely it wouldnt mark those particular episodes as "watched" - so I manually forced them to be watched. This seemed to happen mostly when my laptop tried to connect to a wifi hot spot but wasn't able to access the internet yet.

Upon return, I then asked for a resync, to which even the episodes I manually marked as watched, didn't sync over to the server.

Hope that this could be fixed, unless the error was on my side (but then it is not like I did anything unusual).