Way to get PlexMediaServer to work with SELinux?



Is there a guide to get SELinux to work with PMS? Thanks


What specifically? Something special?
I had to make it jump through hoops to launch correctly when Bash and SELinux tightened security when they were last tightened up,

If you’re referring to all the labels you need to set so you can access your files, most take the easy way out: Disable it.
In a PMS server environment, there is no need of it; your username, user plex (the server), and the system daemons are what’s running.


I disabled it. Just having firewall issues now I cannot seem to figure out to get the remote access working. Going to try a few other things.


Is this correct?

service version=“1.0”>
description>Plex TV Media Server
port port=“32400” protocol=“tcp” />
port port=“1900” protocol=“udp” />
port port=“3005” protocol=“tcp” />
port port=“5353” protocol=“udp” />
port port=“8324” protocol=“tcp” />
port port=“32410” protocol=“udp”/>
port port=“32412” protocol=“udp”/>
port port=“32413” protocol=“udp”/>
port port=“32414” protocol=“udp”/>
port port=“32469” protocol=“tcp”/>


Yes, those are the ports you need on the LAN side. For remote, you only need 32400/tcp.

Some modem/routers don’t implement UPNP well. That said, if it doesn’t connect up in automatic first try, switch to manual after waiting 5 minutes for PMS to forget the previous attempt and the sockets that were open to be fully closed.

To do that:

  1. Make certain your computer is set to a static IP address
  2. Manually port forward from whichever external port you select to IP.addr.of.computer:32400 /tcp
  3. Tell PMS to ‘manually specify port’ and put in that external port number (even if 32400).