WD EX4100/Plex 1.7.5/Roku 3 - "Not enough bandwidth for any playback of this item...."



"...Cannot convert to below minimum bandwidth of 103kbps. Neither direct play nor conversion is available."

Can someone help me return this video playback to normal operation?

Problem began after a software update to the WD EX 4100.

System Information:
WD EX4100 running plex 1.7.5 - 4035
Roku 3 with plex app
Remote logging enabled at roughly 9:11pm CDT on July 12th.

Attempting to watch an H264 encoded video with AAC audio, encountered error above. Previous attempts to watch this video successful. Video file functions correctly locally on Windows laptop and via plex web app.
Change settings; Playback --> Direct Play --> 'Auto' to 'Force'. Playback of video, no audio.

Desired outcome:
1) Playback of video to resume as designed.
2) Provide access to previous software versions for WD EX4100 until issue can be resolved
Logs attached, collected from this website:


Bump, can anyone help?


bump, anyone?


Update: upgrading to 1.8.1 seems to have resolved this issue.