WD My Passport Wireless Pro - Can Plex be left Signed Off?



Hello. I have setup the Plex Media Server on my WD My Passport Wireless Pro, but I would like to know if its possible to have the Plex Server be signed off and still use it (just like on the PC or MAC version)? When I launch Plex media Server from this WD My passport Wireless Pro device it constantly ask that I sign in for use.

We are trying to have this run on our Planes and it has issues with connecting to the Internet in the Air and on the Ground, so we need to have this device be a Stand-alone. We have already loaded it with movies (which we have each DVDs - to keep with the copyright laws) and the Metadata is already loaded by logging into the device at work, but would like to have it Signed off.

Thank you for your help.


I would also like to know, because this sign-in hassle makes Plex effectively useless in a portable, not 100% connected device. The Plex we’ve paid for.


Works ok for me but I added the Passport’s local network to the trusted networks list:


Once set, anything on the passport’s local wifi won’t have to authenticate.


What PMS version? That setting stopped working for me (on my home LAN) around 1.9 - there are other threads on that somewhere.