Web App 3.20.7 instead of 3.21.2



few minutes ago I update my server from 1.9.2 to 1.9.4 and my Web App shows now the version 3.20.7 (instead of the latest 3.21.2).
If I log into appl.plex.tv I can see the 3.21.2 there, but not on my own server. Even a complete restart of the plex server and using another webbrowser changed nothing.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,



That is normal. The Plex server version you just installed was already finished a while ago.
Whatever Web app was released at the time when this server release was finished got included.

If you want to use the latest web app, load it from plex.tv.
Whichever version you load, doesn't make the slightest difference to how the data travel from your server to the app.