Web player scrobbles FLAC twice towards lastfm ?



Hello everyone, I keep noticing that flac songs are scrobbles twice towards lastfm. I don't have the issue with mp3 songs.
Do you guys confirm this issue ?


I haven’t noticed that myself; if can you can trivially reproduce, can you post a log so we might see what’s happening?


I can’t reproduce that.
I almost have exclusively flac files and they only show up once per play on last.fm.

Are you ‘flinging’ them to a different player?


Perhaps he is referring to this: https://forums.plex.tv/discussion/comment/1568585#Comment_1568585


I uploaded some logs. I had to activate debug logs because I couldn’t see any lastfm pattern in the regular logs.

Here is also a screen capture of my lastfm scrobbles.

Wavves song is a flac
Archive song is a flac
ROMEO ELVIS is a mp3

@d2freak I do not have to press pause to reproduce the issue.