WebTools V3 Beta


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WebTools Beta for version 3

If you are a user of WebTools, and you want to help out with testing, translating and shaping WebTools, as well as helping the developers, and you have the technical skills to install a Plex Plug-In manually, then you might just be what we have been looking for.

This will however, require some time and effort from you. If you are interested then please read the details

here <--------------------

Current status of the Beta

We are sadly not yet 100% code completed for what’s slated for WebTools V3, but it is very close, and we need translators to help us translate to new languages, as well as improve on the already existing translations. We are not 100% ready yet and there will be strings to translate added as we continue to code. Your help would be appreciated.

Benefits for you

As a free tool, we can’t offer anything but the following:

  • If you join, you will be mentioned in the WebTools App
  • You will communicate directly with the developers, and as such, could influence what will make it to WebTools V3.1 :wink:
  • You feel good afterwards, knowing that you helped your fellow Plex users with a very important and useful 3rd Party plugin.

Best Regards

The WebTools Developer Team