Welcome to the Plex Film Club!



A little intruduction note I'd like you all to read
Hello everyone. I am very excited to welcome you all to the Plex Film Club!

Having one of the most active and creative communities in the online world, I wanted to start a little experiment and give the users the possibility to get to know each other even better.

Being an enthusiastic movie fan myself, I thought the best idea to do so would be to open the Plex Film Club for you – to share your movie (or tv) experiences with others, discuss, or recommend films they enjoyed.

My ultimate goal is not just to make our community thrive even more, but also for everyone participating to learn about the less known horizons of the movie world – away from the Oscars, the Hollywood glam, the mainstream scene. So that you can enrich your Plex library with new gems you might’ve otherwise never heard about.

So, dear users, again, you’re all invited and welcome to participate in the Plex Film Club!

Every month, there will be a movie chosen for the Film club members to watch and discuss. I will keep an open forum organisation, so that you can open new threads to tell other people about an amazing flick you’ve just watched.

Now, before we kick off, I would like to get the worst part over with – a few rules of the game:

• Please don’t share or discuss sources that are harming copyright rules. In other words, no download links, or shady streaming sites.

• Please don’t share myplex invites with other forum users, for your own protection.

• Please please DO open threads to talk about a movie you’ve just seen! Let’s try and keep it tidy by using the following naming example: “Sunset Boulevard (1950)”

• Not a rule per se, but personally, I’d like to direct the club to a more open cinematic horizon, away from Hollywood and mainstream.

Ok, so to cut the long talks, go here for the first ‘movie of the month’: http://forums.plexapp.com/index.php/topic/38824-le-havre-2011-movie-of-the-month-march-2012/

And while you’re around, place the shortlist for your five favourite movies of last year here (year of release: 2011).

I really hope this will kick off, and that you'll all discover some flicks you otherwise might've never heard about!

Enjoy, fellow Plexians!