What are current apple tv issues?



Are there still some direct play or refresh rate output issues on Apple tv 4k?
I'm looking for some streaming player (or maybe TV) that just works.

To get you the idea about how picky i'm - I sold my shield TV because in my opinion it was too buggy and just incomplete. IE. Netflix interface is 720p at best and nothing uses real 4k for UI.

So far I found out, that youtube does not work in 4k on apple TV still, well i'm kinda ok with that as all other platforms don't have 4k ui, that I would be seeing much more often then rare 4k youtube video.

Also no spotify, but that is so buggy on shield when scrolling library, that no spotify is maybe better .


The absolute most annoying thing is the sound drop out issue (that popped up with iOS 11). When Direct Play is enabled, sound will just stop playing on some content (for me, it happens on very high bit rate content). You can drop out and start playing again, or skip back to bring the sound back, but it will just drop out after another 5-10 minutes.

This happened all the way though our viewing of Justice League a few weeks ago (the first time I encountered the bug, it was a very high bitrate Blu-ray encode), it was infuriating, and ruined the experience. If you disable Direct Play, it works fine, but, on my NAS at least, this causes you to loose the preview window.

Right now, I think the best Plex TV experience is on a ROKU. Of course, a year ago (before this bug) I would have said the Apple TV. That’s why I kept my Roku, and I’m glad I did, I’m sure it will switch again at some point. If you’re looking for the best, perfect player for today and all time, you probably won’t find it.


The biggest problem with plex on Apple TV is plex itself…

The lazy company still refuses to code its own media playback engine like its competitors have and continue to use apples very limited and hobbled embedded API media playback engine

AppleTV is greate hardware and spec’d pretty good at its price point and has great potential that can be unlocked by coding directly to the hardware vs using API…

Until plex does this… it will be a second class experiance on this hardware compared to other options.


Plex app is still terrible. Can’t direct play, everything transcodes.

Luckily there exists an amazing app called “Infuse” that now natively supports your Plex library and will DirectPlay anything you can throw at it (sole exception being ATMOS and DTS-X, which will passthrough the 5.1/7.1 signal in LCPM but not the location metadata). Thanks to Infuse, the AppleTV 4K is definitely the streaming box that “just works” with everything. 4K HDR playback in all apps but YouTube, 4K HDR DirectPlay support from your Plex library using Infuse. It’s a great experience.


Agree Infuse is good and the new Plex integration makes it even better, but there are some limitiations currently such as no support to play music in the Plex library and no support for accounts in Plex, etc. I’m sure it will get better over time, but I’d say I still like the user interface of the Plex Apple TV app better than Infuse when it comes to playing media from a Plex library, but the back end of Infuse seems much more capable.

Issues I have with the Plex app on Apple TV:

-Sometimes when starting a video I just get the black screen with the spinning pin-wheel and the video never starts. I then have to go back (MENU on the Siri remote) and try to play the video again and then it starts playing immediately. Hasn’t happened in a while so maybe it has been fixed in a Plex Server update(?).

-I have a music track in the FLAC format which gets stuck a certain point every time during playback. Only happens in the Apple TV app and not when playing via my computer or the Plex app on iOS. Correction: it happens in Plex on iOS too, but it’s fine on the computer (macOS) via Plex Media Player or Plexamp. Correction 2: it seems that particular FLAC file has problems when using Apple’s playback engine (QuickTime?), because it also happens on macOS for me if I use QuickLook in the Finder or QuickTime Player. Fine in VLC on the computer. So I guess Plex shouldn’t be blamed for this problem. :slight_smile:

-Had some trouble once when changing the audio track for a movie, things just freaked out no audio was heard. Had to restart the Plex app (double-press the TV-button and swipe up on the Plex app to close it, then launch it again). This is also something that I think only has happened once, but still.

-I recognize the sound dropping out when ”direct playing”, but it’s also something that happens quite rarely for me.

Overall, the Plex app for Apple TV is not bad (for me), but a little rough around the edges.

One more thing I noticed recently (I’ve seen complaints about this elsewhere on this forums) is that the quality of photos viewed in Plex on Apple TV gets degraded compared to the original. Seems there’s no setting to change this behavior (i.e. let me view the original file).