What did I do to cause my files to get zeroized?



I'm sorry if this has been covered; I tried searching and couldn't find this specific issue. I installed Plex in a jail (manually) on a FreeNAS (11) server I built. Has been running great since last summer. I performed an update this week and messed some things up, causing me to have to reinstall. I figured it was no big issue since all media was stored separately from the jail itself. After reinstallation, I made the storage available to the jail and added the libraries back to Plex, only to see that it wasn't showing any content in the libraries. I opened a command window and was able to browse to the libraries, seeing that the files are still there, however all of the files are zero size now. Can anyone tell me what could cause this? I have backups of the important stuff, but I want to know what I might have done wrong so it doesn't happen again.


are the actual files gone (zero sized) or just no longer showing right in the jail?
did you actually change anything outside that jail? If you’re right, it looks like something seriously broke your file system…


They are gone; zero sized.

I’ll admit to not being an expert by any means. Might it have to do with how I disconnected them from the jail before deleting the jail and starting over? I used the freenas gui to go to the storage tab (under jails) and deleted each from the jail before deleting the jail. Was that maybe a mistake?


Have you checked permissions ? Possibly the new jail has no read permissions on the files ? Just a random thought


Sorry for the delay; was out of town. Permissions are good; the files just have zero size. I might make a test storage folder and see if I can make it happen again.