What is the folder "preferences" in my library?




I am a Plex newbie an call me stupid but I am not able to find an answer myself.

Browsing my music on my Plex Server via foobar (and also other clients) I find a folder “Preferences” containing “Transcode Bitrates”:

What is this folder and its subfolders supposed to mean?

Thanks, Michael


These are 'virtual folders'.
Since the DLNA protocol has no standardized way for clients to tell the server some preferences, this is a clever way to achieve this, nonetheless.

As per your example above, you can "play" a certain "file" in this particular subfolder named "Music Transcode Bitrate" and tell the server this way to which bitrate it shall transcode your music files from then on.

"Real" Plex clients expose proper controls for this kind of stuff.
The above is just a workaround for DLNA clients.


I got it, thanks a lot :)