What on earth have you's done to the app it's pure bowfing now...



I would like to think of my self as computer / phone savy and in no way can I find how to access my libraries list, please advise thank you.


Found them but its absolutely horrible and difficult not user friendly at all please revert to the previous app.


Yup. This is broke. In my case, all iOS apps lose connection to my server and don’t reliably play content now.

My other clients have no issues yet, but probably will soon when they merge these changes to the other platforms. Feels like the Apple ‘Videos’ to ‘TV’ app downgrade all over again.


Same. Connection issues. Choosing libraries is setup horrendously in Android. Just started using the Windows app on a laptop now - OMG - still no Music Playlist sync?

What’s going on? I thought the platform was mature by now?