When Echo plays music from Plex, Tautulli shows an empty device name



I often use my Echo dot to play music from my Plex Media Server and I've recently started using Tautulli to monitor server usage. Tautulli is showing an empty space where a device type (i.e. Android, Roku, Chrome, etc.) belongs for one of the devices, and I don't see any entry for my Echo. Putting two and two together, I conclude that either Plex doesn't record the device name/type correctly (or at all?) and/or Tautulli isn't recognizing the device name used by Plex for the Echo as an Amazon Echo. Not a big issue, but someone might be interested.


Is this also the case when viewing the “Now Playing” from Plex Web? If so, can we get a screen shot to illustrate?

If it shows correctly in Plex Web, that would be something to inform the Tautulli dev about here.


It shows as “Alexa” in Plex Web and “Plex for Alexa” on an “Alexa” player in Tautulli. I will look into how to notify the Tautulli folks – any help on that would be appreciated (and save me some time.) Here are the screen requested shots, but I don’t think they are necessary at this point (user name erased by me):


Different question, but I just noticed the strange IP address in the Tautulli “Activity” panel. Since the Echo/Alexa is on my home network, I would have expected an address on my home network for the device. So is all Plex music played by an Echo streamed through some central server?


The thread I linked above is the Tautulli thread the dev responds to: http://forums.plex.tv/discussion/307821/tautulli-monitor-your-plex-media-server/p1

I guess I would have assumed the same, hopefully someone that knows more about Alexa will post in here. I personally don’t have any experience with them.


Patched in a hotfix yesterday


Updated both Plex and Tautulli, but I haven’t seen a change yet. I probably haven’t played enough music on Alexa to get it on the most active list yet and I cannot find a list of “all devices” to see if Alexa is listed yet.

I wish I could click on the Most Active Devices panel to see a complete list of devices. In fact, most of those home page panels would be great entry points to pages that list all of the information that goes into them. Assuming that is possible, of course.