When importing iTunes playlists, why are genius playlists not imported?



I am curious why the smart playlists and the hand-made playlists get imported but the Genius playlists do not when importing from iTunes. They are avaialble through the iTunes channel but not seen on the dashboard or more importanly, when Plex is added as a service to Sonos.


Update - on a second check I relized that smart playlists are also not imported - wiht the exceptions of the built-in ones like 'My Top Rated' and '90's Music'.


iTunes smart and genius playlists are based on dynamic info in your iTunes database. Plex music libraries do not use your iTunes database


So how do playlists get imported? My understanding, and everything I have read in these forums is that the iTunes Library.xml file is read by Plex and that is how the imported playlists are added - if so - how is there a difference between the playlists that are imported and those that are not? As stated, the there are at least two "Smart" playlists that do get imported - "My Top Rated" - based on iTunes ratings - and '90's Music' - based on release date. Both of those are as dynamic as any other genius or smart playlist - I can always change a rating or add or delete a song from 1993. Can you explain in a little more detail please - especially about the iTunes database? Thanks. I am evaluating Plex to see if it is a solution for the Sonos 65000 track limitation and for awhile I was hoping it would be the answer and I would get a lifetime PlexPass but I am not sole yet,