When playing a track from a "Various Artists" album plex sends the wrong artist tag to Sonos



I you are playing a track from a "Various Artist" album you expect to see the tag from the ARTIST field be displayed in the sonos player so that you can see the artist.

But as of today the tag ALBUM ARTIST is displayed.

On a Various Artist album the ARTIST tag will be the actual artist for each track and the tag ALBUM ARTIST will be "Various Artists" for the whole album.

Playing the same track from the same album through Subsonic on Sonos will display the correct tag I.E. the ARTIST tag.


I can confirm this.


I have the same problem. Is this a Plex or a SONOS problem? Track Artist displays correctly in Plex Clients, so I assume its a SONOS problem?


this has been raised in another thread but little appears to be happening from a development perspective with Plex for Sonos... such a shame... it's 80% there in my opinion.


This is a big one for me! I have a ton of promotional music that is all tagged as "Various Artist" compilations and it makes it impossible to browse within the Sonos app. It also makes searching weird because you need to use "Songs" instead of "Artists" to get any results. As others have stated, I'm not sure if this is a Plex or Sonos issue, but it would be great to get this one sorted out.


I've just gone down the Plex route with Sonos, and I too am experiencing the same. Can we (as in developers at Plex/Sonos) get it sorted to allow searching by Album Artist so as to allow searching of compilations and also display the Album Artist similar to Subsonic. So near.....yet so far from sorting out the 65,000 track (or less) issue with this workaround that does have the potential to actually fully deliver.
Come on guys and gals you can do it............ :)


Just confirming this is still a thing.

  • Tags are definitely correct (viewed directly)
  • Plex shows artist correctly
  • Viewing the file on sonos through Music Library shows artist correctly
  • Viewing it on sonos through the Plex app shows artist as "Various Artists"

So problem is clearly the Plex-Sonos app.

Only just noticed this when I played a whole various artists album and it didn't scrobble to last.fm (because the tags didn't match their database).