When wil the server application be updated?



Hi Plex creators,

Let me say that I love plex, you created something amazing.

I would like to ask, when will the server application be updated in the asustor software store?

The web server application is there but it is still the old version. As the web player now demands a version it would be nice if i am able to update the server application.

I hope you wil be able to help me.


Sorry for the double post. The window froze.


Manually update the PMS from the App Central app in your Web App. Download the new Free version and then manually update it. This is the only way to get updates from the Pass versions, too.


Thanks for the answer, was just wondering as the application in the asustor store was last updated 4 months ago. Thanks for the help.


You can thank Asustor’s slow approval process for that. Submitting an app and getting it approved is glacial at best. And for apps like Plex, with updates coming out so frequently, App Central is going to be a ways behind.

The one thing I think Plex needs to work on… When they update PMS, instead of just a notification like we get now, I wish it would download the update and do they install, like it does for Windows. Other apps on the NAS can auto-update, so this is just some coding work that needs to be done on the app, and not something that needs to be enabled on the NAS side.


Thanks Plex for releasing the update through the asustor store. Btw manual updating is also really easy.