Where can i download (Plex Home Theater ) anyone!



:(( where can i download (Plex Home Theater ) anyone !! for windows


See this link and then select Plex Home Theater


i mean like this kind…


@koishake said:
:(( where can i download (Plex Home Theater ) anyone !! for windows

I would not recommend Plex Home Theater. Use OpenPHT, it is a community fork that is being updated. Plex Home Theater is no longer being updated whereas OpenPHT is.



So your looking for a particular SKIN


@koishake said:
i mean like this kind…

Use OpenPHT. It looks the same.


thanks thanks fast response :bz


I’m looking for the download for the last PHT as well. I just found this thread, and I supidly uninstalled it in favoure of OpenPHT and what a mistake! OpenPHT is SUPER unstable. I’ve been using PHT with absolutley no issues. It’s a shame they aren’t supporting it anymore, the windows app is overly complex and really user unfriendly. I have a media PC connected to my TV and I use a Harmony remote. The windows app doesn’t work as a media play at all, its designed for a use with a mouse. Guess it’s back to Kodi if I can’t find PHT.


Hmmm… Open PHT is super stable in most scenarios. I use it daily, no issues… It’s everything that was great about PHT, but even better. Best Plex client out there, especially if Plex Black Edition installed as the skin. Works great with Harmony remotes. Works with Alexa. Worth spending a few minutes setting it all up and getting it running, because it’s arockstar once you’ve got it in gear. Note: If you’ve got any remnants of PHT installed, nuke ‘em before re-installing Open PHT to avoid possible conflicts.


I still use PHT, the latest version that was available anyway. I wasn’t aware of OpenPHT, but I have downloaded it, and I’ll check it out, especially if it’s being maintained (it doesn’t look like it has changed since May '17). Initially, it looks like the biggest difference is with the audio support / configuration. PHT has a lot of difference settings regarding supported audio formats which I think is critical to an application with this purpose.

I have tried the web player, the Windows App (from the Microsoft App Store), and neither support Dolby Atmos (TrueHD). In today’s HTPC community, shouldn’t this be a standard? If we’re building HTPCs, we probably have a decent audio / video setup that we would like to use.

I really hope Plex fills this gap in their user base. They have players and apps for every different platform under the sun, but they have significantly reduced their support for Windows.


OpenPHT - given the same skin - looks identical to PHT.
I fully recommend the Night skin (GIT) as it has the best options for setting layout etc. Appearance is as good as stock, but options for having a clock onscreen when watching a movie (incl current clock, video remaining and finish time etc) in the corner, more configuration for OSD content/pausemenu etc.

Better views for movie (posters/panel) better fonts too…

The only issues I had were my OS, I had to fiddle to get DTS passthrough (I had this issue earlier with PHT).

Also the window - PHT window is glitchy, if I want it on screen - when I try to resize or move, it tended to flicker and do weird stuff. OpenPHT is pretty solid.

Contrary to the above poster, I found OpenPHT to be far more solid, and the Night (GIT) skin works just as well.


Been meaning to install OpenPHT for a while as get regular audio problems with Plex Player not recognizing DTS audio that I didnt get with PHT - but PHT slowly had other problems - slo-mo video playback.

Your “DTS passthrough” comment caught my eye. Would you please expand on what you had to do?

Also is it necessary to uninstall PHT before installing OpenPHT as some of the other posts in this thread seem to be saying? I though they could co-exist