Where is my media and folders?



I have a really low threshold for bullshit. Where are my folders? Why can't I find my media anymore on my iPhone? Half of it is not available ANYMORE. This is not a design decision IMO. This is a major bug or flaw. I want it fixed.


mind sharing some details with what you actually miss / no longer see?
your post is a little vague…


Yes, only recently added items and no folders. I cannot access all my TV shows. When I click on the three dots for “all shows” it says it is empty. It worked fine before, and of course works in other clients. All my media is there but blind to the iOS app.


the new UI is a little odd…
I suppose you have picked the right media type at the bottom navigation – can you double check if you also got the right library (should be a drop-down at the top-left corner).


I found it. I have two folders for TV shows and it picked the empty folder. After I clicked All SHows, I had to choose the proper folder on top. I also now see my friends TV shows listed as choices, instead of choosing their entire collection of shows, movies and music. Wow, this really sucks.


@tom80H said:
the new UI is a little odd…

No, the the new UI sucks.
Show how Plex does not care a bit about the end user.
Looking more and more like the second coming of Boxee.
Glad I am using Infuse for iOS and keeping up with Emby on the server side.


Is there a way to just have my folders listed? I can care less about the recently added stuff.


I’ve been a huge fan of Plex and the iOS app however I agree this latest update is to say the least… confusing.
It’s not super obvious how to change users and when I do not all of their content shows up. I have 3 servers and cannot see where to just view the media on those particular servers. To me it’s a huge step down from their last iOS app which was pretty clean and easy to use.


How do I get the old UI back? I cannot find all my video folders such as Documentary, Comedy, etc. The GUI used to list all just like on the Plex server and my Samsung TV. I could care less about news or other junk that has been added. Just want access to my Plex server. I have a Plex Pass.
A corrallary question is how to avoid Plex pushed updates on my iPhone?


where to find your libraries:

  • click the movies media type in the media type bar at the bottom of the page
  • in the top left corner of the app, Plex will show the selected library… if there’s more than 1 library, just click this name/dropdown and select the respective library
  • click „All Videos“ to browse your media (by name, folder…)

you’ll need to stop automatic updates in the app store to prevent Plex from being updated automatically.

  • Settings > iTunes & App Store
  • disable „Automatic Downloads“ for „Updates“

enjoy :slight_smile:



Thank you very much!!