Where's Browse by Folder?



I just installed Plex VR from the Oculus store and fiddled around with it. Some of my libraries have hundreds (if not thousands) of video files sorted into folders. But browsing a library gives me limited ways to find content. Scrolling by title could potentially take me hours to find something. Please tell me if I'm missing some way of navigating by folder.


Me too, please add this feature.


Agreed, very painful for large libraries without it


I fired up Plex VR for the first time in a few weeks last night. Usability is really poor without being able to browse folder by folder. “Painful” is a very accurate way of putting it.


Agreed! Please add browse by Folder. Also, scrolling is weird for me on the sort-by menu. Date Added is on the bottom but won’t scroll up to stay in view. Just a sliver can be clicked.