Why a 1080 x264 is transcoding when playing with intranet in a imac 27" (no retina)



I'm using a pine64 for plexserver with linux. I need to use always Direct play because is not powerful enough for transcoding.

Help me understand why with web player settings to "Maximum" , a 1080p movie is transcoding when playing to a imac 27" with chrome and using the intranet ip.

I want direct play. Why plex is transcoding?


The web player is using the Browser and cannot fully utilize what your iMac is capable of.
Try installing the Plex Media Player app on your iMac instead.


mmm Can’t download. It’s a premium feature?

Thanks and regards.



  • https://www.plex.tv/downloads
  • click “Get an App”
  • Plex Media Player > Mac should be pre-selected if you access the link from a Mac – otherwise change the selection accordingly
  • install the app
  • login with your Plex account
  • use it


nah for some reason chrome failed to donwload the app.

Done with other browser.